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What is Needed for On-Site Exhaust Fluid
Managing a trucking or shipping fleet can be overwhelming, so the more essential elements of keeping trucks on the road that can be placed on the lot is a major benefit. Purchasing diesel fuel in bulk, for example, saves money, time, and increases efficiency. Large fleet owners have fuel tanks buried under ground like at gas stations to fill up tanks any time of day or night. Since diesel exhaust fluid near me (DEF) is as important as diesel fuel, it makes sense to have that on the lot as well.

Responsive Delivery

The first component needed is a company that has the capacity to deliver exhaust fluid nationwide on a schedule that accommodates the fleet. Smaller fleets may need just in time delivery upon request while medium and large fleets will require regularly scheduled deliveries. Both situations can be accommodated with no problems. The goal is to meet the needs of the manager rather than plan deliveries at the convenience of the supplier.


To get the best performance from an exhaust fluid, it must be of the purest quality. Inferior fluids may contain particles that can be deposited into the exhaust system and result in clogs, repairs, or higher emissions than regulations allow. A pure fluid, such as BlueDEF, will take a fleet vehicle up to seven-thousand miles on one tank. The driver can go across country and back without adding exhaust fluid which gives the fleet manager control over what products go into the vehicle.

Storage and Dispensing Equipment

To keep DEF in its purest form, specific DEF Equipment is required. def diesel can have no metal elements because DEF corrodes metal. Metal specks and particles can be deposited into the fluid as the container begins to break down. This contaminates the fluid, compromises the performance, and can cause problems within the whole exhaust system. The DEF Pumps must contain no metal as well. Experienced companies that have been providing exhaust fluid to commercial customers for years will offer a full line of special containers and pumps that will maintain the purity and integrity of the fluid.

Insulation is another concern when storing exhaust fluid because it freezes in extreme weather conditions. If stored indoors there is typically not a problem since it does not freeze until the temperature reaches as low as twelve-degrees Fahrenheit. Mini-bulk and bulk containers that are stored outside will require insulated covers that will be delivered with those containers. def fluid and containers, as well as any accessories or portable carts needed to keep DEF on the lot is available with one telephone call.

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