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Know the History of the Indonesia’s Kingdom

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Kingdom of Samudra Pasai

Samudra Pasai or also known as Darusaalam Ocean is the first Islamic kingdom in Indonesia. The kingdom of Samudra Pasai is on the coast of Sumatra and began to stand in the 13th century. The person who became the king of the first Samudra Pasai kingdom was Sultan Malik al-Saleh.

Because the kingdom of Samudra Pasai is in a strategic location that is near the beach, it became a center of trade. Under the leadership of the king of Sultan Malukul Dhahir, Samudra Pasai truly became a place of advanced trade. The port is always crowded by traders from Asia, Africa, China and Europe.

Kingdom of Demak

If the Pasai Ocean is the first Islamic kingdom in Indonesia located in Sumatra, then the kingdom of Demak is the first Islamic kingdom on Java. The king who founded Demak was Raden Patah in 1478. Raden Patah occupied the seat of the king of Demak until 1518. Raden Patah himself was a nobleman who also served as a duchy in the kingdom of Majapahit.

The Kingdom of Demak is an Islamic kingdom that is famous for being the birthplace of the Wali Songo or nine guardians. This Wali Songo is 9 famous guardians who are spreaders of Islam. The kingdom of Demak became a more advanced kingdom when the Majapahit kingdom began to collapse. The Kingdom of Demak is located about 25 km from the city of Semarang, precisely on the road to Kudus from Surabaya.

Kediri Kingdom

The kingdom of Kediri, also known as the kingdom of Panjalu, is a Hindu kingdom on the island of Java, especially in East Java. The age of the kingdom of Kediri is relatively long, which stood from 1042 to 1222. For the problem of archeological heritage, the kingdom of Kediri did not leave many relics. But in classical literature, the kingdom has advanced progress in the field of literature.

Located near the Brantas river, the Kediri kingdom stands and goes hand in hand with the Srivijaya kingdom in Sumatra. These two kingdoms had a huge influence on the world of commerce at that time. It is known that Chinese and Indian traders often conduct trading activities in the territory of the kingdom of Kediri. The famous king at that time was Jaya Baya. Ruling from 1135 to 1179.

Tarumanegara Kingdom

Standing from 358 to 669, Tarumanegara or Taruma in short, is an Indian Sundanese kingdom located near the Kebon Kopi I inscription, Kampung Muara, Bogor. Based on the inscription monument, King Purnawarman built a canal that changed the direction of the Cakung river. He also drained coastal areas to be used as agricultural areas and residential areas.

Based on the inscriptions on the monument, Tarumanegara was founded by Rajadirajaguru Jayasingawarman in 358. It is known that there were 12 people who had been the king of Tarumanegara. But the most famous is only King Purnawarman. Purnawarman is considered as the incarnation of the god Vishnu. In Hindu belief, god Vishnu is the god of preservation and protector of the universe.





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